Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

At RedCompass, we understand the value of information – and more than that, we know how to help banks tap into the wealth of data they already have at their fingertips

The banking and payments industry is a fast-evolving one, with increasingly complex regulatory demands, as well as cost and competition pressures. Banks need to find the best ways to respond to these challenges and keep pace as the evolution continues.

RedCompass have developed a comprehensive data analytics capability, built using tried and tested technology and delivered as a tailored solution to suit each customer’s needs.

Our solution architecture supports powerful and scalable ingestion of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources. As well as the ability to combine and process large volumes of data, our platform utilises inexpensive, commodity infrastructure with no single point of failure.

Making best use of data

RedCompass use our analytics capability to help banks identify patterns and insights hidden in their data. We then develop programmes that enable our clients to uncover efficiencies, streamline resources, shape change and mitigate risk.

We can also develop and implement long-term data-driven processes and analytics tools that allow banks to gain comprehensive visibility and control in their Compliance function. This allows our clients to implement sustainable development strategies, become more agile and ensure full transparency to the regulator.

Our Data & Analytics practice underpins each of our three main service areas, delivering actionable insight and highly informed programmes. Learn more about… 

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